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Mobile or Responsive Websites

With smartphones and Tablets (Ipad, Ipad 2, Galaxy Tablet, etc.) dominating the market since 2010/2011, it’s becoming more and more important for websites to be accessible over a number of platforms and screen resolutions. To make sure your website can keep up with the latest technology, we offer two services.

Responsive Website Design:

With a Responsive website, you have one “smart” website that automatically adjusts depending on the user’s screen size. Developing a site like this is a little more expensive, but cuts out any stress for your users if they are out and about and trying to find out more information on your website using a mobile device. Our current website is a great example of Responsive Site, you can see it in action by dragging your browser bigger and smaller.


Mobile Website

Unless we’ve done the coding for the website, it’s not always possible to take an exciting website and turn it into a responsive site, but we can instead offer you a mobile website, a mobile website is a copy of your current website, but optimised to work on smaller screens. When you have someone visiting your website, your browser will automatically detect if they are using a tablet or phone and then redirect them to your mobile website instead. Here’s an example of how a mobile website would look like(For best experience, visit the link using a mobile device):