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We are happy to announce that we are now building all website in W3C validated HTML5 & CSS3.   The...

We are happy to announce that we are now building all website in W3C validated HTML5 & CSS3.


The language website’s are built in is called HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and the last released version was HTML 4.01 back in 1999 by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). It was only until 2008 that a working draft was released for HTML 5 and it took another two years for browser developers to really start supporting some of HTML 5’s new features. Although HTML5 probably wound be official released until 2019, most of the features are already supported by all the major browsers (Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera). Fortunately even if a browser doesn’t support HTML5, it will resort back to HTML 4.01 and the website will still work.

If you don’t build website’s yourself, you probably wound notice a difference between the two versions, but being able to utilize HTML5 makes websites work better, faster and more compatible over different platforms. The biggest advantage of HTML5 is that the functionality is built into the browser. Web Developers have been increasingly trying to create applications which display fluid animations, stream video, play music and integrate with Social Network sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In most cases we could only provide these things by learning and applying add-on tools included Flex, Flash or Silverlight or building complex javascript tools. This increased the complexity and the time it took to develop the Web Applications. HTML5 changes this with DOM and HTML support, (without the plugins and 3rd party programs) for video and audio embedding, high-quality drawings, charts and animation and many other types of rich content demanded by users.

Some other improvements and add-ons include: Geolocation, Improved Accessibility and smarter forms.

Hopefully you will now understand a little more about the wonderful world of web design and why we are excited to announce that we will be building better and faster websites!